I’m Daru Sim, a UI & UX and web designer from Malaysia but currently based in Singapore. I’m a huge fan of transforming conceptual ideas into experiential-driven interfaces. In simple words; I take colour, shapes, and boring numbers to form designs and user experience that feels like second nature.

I love learning. While the school of Advertising Design equipped me with theories and skills in digital multimedia, and more; my work experiences as UI & UX Design Lead at digital agencies taught me in solving complex transactional and user problems in highly innovate solutions that meet both business goals and user’s needs by embracing new technologies and keeping up with the latest design trends. Oh, I also learnt about which coffee keeps you awake till 3am in the morning.

I love learning. I know I said that already, but I really, really do. As the world of design constantly evolves, I make it a point to consistently scour the world and the World Wide Web for new advances in skills and technology to maintain relevance. My current addictions include website and mobile user interface and experience design, product developments and photography. Also, coffee.


— User Interface Design (UI)
— User Experience Design (UX)
— Wireframe and UI Flow Prototyping
— A/B Testing
— Brand Identity
— Art and Creative Direction


Senior UI & UX Designer— Workato
UI & UX Lead — eVenture Ltd
UI & UX Lead — TBG Digital
Graphic & Interactive Designer — iCRM Digital
Marketing & Graphic Designer — AUM Hospitality
Web Designer — Keyframe Design House